Poké Adventure

Try to capture Pokémon in Capture, and view your collection in Collection.

For a Pokémon to be registered as seen, you must try to capture it, at least once.

The encounter rate is the same for all Pokémon. The capture rate is taken from the Pokémon API.

You can only capture the first 251 Pokémon. However, you can view information for any Pokémon at /pokemon/[id].

This site uses a Cookie to save your collection.

Terrible and lazy decision!

This site does not track you.

The source code for this project can be found in this repository..

# About this application About

Poké Adventure was made to be used as a Next.js demonstration.

The application uses 6 routes, 4 pages and 2 API routes.



  • Wild Pokémon fetch
  • Poké Capture decider

# Architecture used in this application Architecture

At Build time

At build time the landing page, the capture page, and 3 Pokémon views are generated.

On Demand

The API routes are lambdas, and are generated at runtime, by default.

The Pokémon collection page, and additional Pokémon views are generated on demand.

Tech Stack

Next.js application, built with next build and activated using next start command.

The data for Pokémon comes from the PokéAPI.

Application Data Flow
Project architecture - data flow